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Cape Cod Trip

Cape Cod Trip

After packing up everything at my dorm and shipping some boxes home, my mom and I finally started our long-awaited vacation.

Sean and Mom Selfie

We began our trip by heading south to Cape Cod. We had a day to kill before our reservation at a bed and breakfast in Provincetown, so I booked us a place on Priceline in Dennisport. First though, I had to introduce my mom to the heavenly pizza at Pizzeria Barbone in Hyannis, where they have an oven imported from Italy that is supposedly made from the ash of Mount Vesuvius. They cook the pizza at over 900 degrees F, and it is ready in 90 seconds!

Mom Eating Pizza

Yes, we each had our own pizza, but I ate all of mine before my mom had even finished a slice. She immediately went into defense mode, ready to ward off any potential assault on her pie, but I behaved myself. We checked into our hotel after dinner, a place called The Breakers. We had paid online for only one night, but the front desk insisted we were booked for two. I tried to explain to them that there had been a miscommunication, but my mom gave me some not so subtle shut-up signals. Having only paid for one night, she was more than happy to sleep in past the checkout time the following morning and then make her way to Provincetown.

After settling in, we tried to go out for ice cream at Sundae School, which Yelp seems to think is one of the best places to get ice cream on the Cape. They were closed, so we went the next morning instead. Ice cream for breakfast and Sundae School on Monday morning. Breaking all the rules! Brings back memories of my 6th grade carpool buddy Sam. My mom and I would occasionally stop for McDonalds breakfast on the way to school in the morning, but Sam never wanted anything. That is, until the last day of school, when he shocked the whole car by ordering an M&M McFlurry! Sundae School was certainly a step up from a McFlurry. They had all sorts of flavors and an old-fashioned soda fountain from 1901! I had a medium bowl of chocolate chip and mocha chip, and my mom somehow devoured a 4-scoop sampler.

Ice Cream Parlor

Antique Soda Fountain

With the ice cream firmly in our bellies, we now had about an hour drive to Provincetown.

We checked into the Fairbanks Inn, our home for 2 nights, at around 3 in the afternoon. We enjoyed our stay, and the staff were extremely nice and helpful. After settling in, we strolled to Commercial Street, the main drag. On recommendation of the Fairbanks Inn, we chowed down on Sophie Lou veggie burgers at Local 186. Made of sweet potatoes, corn, black beans, and millet and slathered in a whole grain mustard, we were in heaven.

From there we began to browse the local shops along Commercial Street. We immediately ducked into Coffey Men, a clothes shop with the finest solo cup dress I had ever seen in the store window.

Solo Cup Dress

Yes, I snapchatted it. The shop owner had sheets of fabric hanging throughout the little shop and fashioned all of his clothes in store. Instead of biting on that dress, my mom instead got her paws on the cute dog shirt displayed on the mannequin. Also in the shop was a wood board containing what would instantly become the motto of our trip.

First We Eat Sign

After some more shopping, my mom went back to the room to nap, so I wandered around town looking for a place to eat dinner. I eventually ended up at the beach, and I captured this night shot of Provincetown and the Pilgrim Monument!

Provincetown Tower

The next morning, I woke up after breakfast at the B&B, so I headed out to grab some breakfast. My mom was half-awake, so I asked her if she had any requests. She mumbled something that sounded an awful lot like "Not ice cream." I honored her request by picking up some pastries at the Portuguese bakery in town. My mom being a huge fan of sweet potatoes, I made sure to pick up a couple of "trutas", which were super yummy.

Truta Pastries

The pastries didn't last too long, but they managed to put my mom back to sleep, so I walked down the street to P-Town Bikes. I had heard that the bike trail through Cape Cod National Seashore was gorgeous, so I rented a bike and began pedaling. The ride was hilly, but very manageable. I started along the ocean and made my way through dunes that slowly transformed into a marsh with some pine trees. The trail loop only took a couple of hours to complete. I highly recommend it.

Tunnel on Bike Trail

Bike Trail Through the Woods

Lighthouse Across the Water

Part of my route took me past Race Point Beach, which is geographically intriguing in that there you can stand on the East Coast, look west, and watch the sun set into the Atlantic Ocean. After I returned my bike, my mom and I drove to this beach to observe the phenomenon for ourselves.

Sunset Behind Sean and Mom

Feeling special (and tired), we grabbed some quick pizza in town and tried to retire for the night. I was just about to head to bed when my mom exclaimed "Uh oh!" Noticing my confused look, she attempted to clarify. "I hope that's not what I think it is." Thirty seconds later, I heard it too, something Aunt Bethany might describe as a "funny, squeaky sound". It would have made a better story, but there was no squirrel in the room. Only a lone smoke detector out in the hallway. After some effort, I managed to pull it out of the ceiling, remove the battery, and bring it to our room to spend the night. Disaster averted. (Or perhaps tragedy caused had there been a fire...)

The next morning I woke up in time for a delicious breakfast of the best granola I had ever eaten. Composed of fruit, quinoa, and nuts, I knew my mom would love it. I explained to the staff that she had been focusing more on the bed, not breakfast, half of the experience, so after finishing my breakfast, I brought her some coffee, orange juice, a bowl of the granola, and an apple pear danish. She thought this was a great idea!

Breakfast Tray under Bright Light Bulb

With a delicious breakfast in our bellies, we piled everything into the car and took off for Bar Harbor, Maine. Look out for a Maine post in 2 or 3 days!